Vlad Casino experiential at Untold Festival (Romania)

Vlad Casino is one of Unibet's most successful Romanian gaming brands. The brief was to create an experiential space within the grounds of the famous Untold festival in Cluj. However, we didn’t want this to be the usual branded chill-out space. This had to be a place where everything was gamified in line with the Vlad Casino brand spirit – the gaming entertainment had to be non-stop fun, specially considering we were competing with the whole, wider festival entertainment. Additionally, the experience had to be highly social media shareable. All entertainment within the space had the ability to win attendees prizes including the instagram Vlad coffins, a coffin shaped wind-machine cash-grab, a Vlad card-trick magician and a lucky dip ball pit (UV lit at night as a dance area). By day the area was a gaming zone and by night it was a party space with DJs and chances to win with Hiphop Blingo. 

© 2019 by Ben Eady & Jamie Warburton