Mercedes-Benz – C-Class Weather-based Videos

Mercedes wanted to promote its new C-Class range in showrooms, so we made a series of model videos, with a twist. We matched each model to a weather condition – the open-top to bright sunshine, the practical estate to overcast days – and using external data, had the showroom play the video that went with that day’s weather and corresponding model. In doing so, we showed customers that whatever the weather, you can always make the most of it in a C-Class.

Progressive Supermarket MySpecials eDM/Online Campaign

Progressive Enterprises’ mySpecials is an innovative programme that matches customers with their ideal supermarket specials based on purchasing history. To spearhead the launch and acquisition campaign, we developed a real-time personaliation tool that created customers’ names using a bespoke font, made from everyday grocery items.

5 x Gold RSVP Winner.

Farm Source and Ballance staff face merge

NZ Farm Source and Ballance sales staff partner on a seasonal basis to deliver fertiliser solutions to farmers. However, both companies wanted to improve the working relationship between the two sides.

We came up with a quirky but fun way to promote a ‘working as one’ message – by literally merging staff members with their regional counterparts. The campaign launched at a regional conference. Staff each had a unique code on table place cards, which was used to log in with any device and show their faces merge with a corresponding colleague – often with hilarious results. This made for a hugely eventful start to the evening, to the extent the MC had to wrestle back attention to continue proceedings. Analytics also showed the campaign went viral within the two companies after the event.

All up we face merged a total of 90 staff from both companies.


Les Mills International Virtual BodyJam Online Game


Les Mills Body Jam is a dance-based group fitness programme. This site, Virtual Body Jam, gave fitness prospects a taste of the programme, via an online game. Participants created, dressed and named a dance avatar, which was then used to compete against the instructor, using a control pad. Players’ best scores were then recorded on a dance chart. Each participant subsequently received an e-voucher for a free trial at their nearest Body Jam facilitator.

Winner of Macromedia Site of the Day.

As the player advanced in skill, they were rewarded with funny Easter eggs of G the instructor.

Les Mills International Virtual BodyJam Online Game – tour

GlobalPlus Departure Gate Online


Website for Bank of New Zealand, GlobalPlus Credit Card. GlobalPlus is New Zealand’s most popular travel rewards credit card, so naturally their incentive for this promotion was an ultimate dream holiday. Obviously this is very well trodden territory. To add interest we decided to make the prize tailored to the viewer's travel personality. They explored a landscape packed with travel metaphors and selected those that appealed to them. After packing their selection into their virtual suitcase, they would be given their particular travel personality breakdown with suggestions on their ultimate prize trip. The site and banners created unprecedented traffic for any BNZ online development.

GlobalPlus Departure Gate – tour

GlobalPlus Departure Gate – TVC

GlobalPlus Departure Gate POS/DM

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