It's a little strange that people still ask "Can you do social and content?”. Let's face it, any creatives worth their salt should already be immersed in it. We believe that social media channels are arguably the most important in our industry. The work isn’t always the most glamorous or what every creative wishes to showcase in their portfolio but there are still plenty of opportunities creatively. It’s important to realise that like any other media channel (technical considerations aside) the creative role is the same – to grab attention, disrupt, convert, be relevant, build customer relationships and brand equity. What we love about this channel, is that it proves you don’t need a lot of money to produce something fun and engaging.

Over the years we've created social campaigns for telcos, tech companies, financial institutions, charities, gaming companies, sports teams, consumer products and prestige automotive brands... This work has ranged from twitter posts and solus instagram stories, through to fully integrated campaigns involving every social media channel of note. Below are just a few of our favourite:

Colgate Mouth Fit with Kieran Read

Sporting celebrities and toothpaste don't make the easiest recipe for engaging oral-hygiene educational video content (there's a mouthful). However, we managed to have fun with this one. Kieran surprised us with a less than totally wooden performance and the young fans seemed to enjoy them, granting us hundreds of thousands of views.

Social Media Video 1

Social Media Video 2

British Gas – British Summer Time

British Gas briefed us to come up with a social and content idea that could help the brand get in on the daylight savings conversation. Rather than focusing on the one day when the clocks change, we looked ahead to an entire season of British Summer Time. We created these social posts featuring brand mascot Wilbur and a long-form content piece celebrating the best of British summer (with a few energy-saving tips sprinkled in).



It's no mystery that it's easier to produce something engaging on a big budget. However, the agile world of content often comes with short deadlines and tight margins. Add to that, the few seconds you have to capture someone's attention and the range of tricky formats – content can be quite the challenge. It's a skillset all of its own and not everyone can do it well. That doesn't mean it can't be something dramatic and playful. These Unibet sports betting hype videos were made entirely with stock footage with budgets in the hundreds, not thousands.

Blingo Promo Hype-video for Kindred/Unibet

Kindred is one of the largest global online gambling companies. It doesn't limit itself to slot apps but also has a large range of live gaming experiences where participants can tune in remotely to play online via their mobiles. In this case Kindred teamed up with UK hiphop bingo sensation "Blingo". We promoted live bingo events throughout Europe. The initial brief was for a series of hype-videos for social media (Instagram and Facebook) as 6s, 15s and 30s edits. They were so well received, we also created edits for TV. Tune in episode 2 coming soon.

Mercedes-Benz – C-Class Weather-based Videos

Mercedes wanted to promote its new C-Class range in showrooms, so we made a series of model videos, with a twist. We matched each model to a weather condition – the open-top to bright sunshine, the practical estate to overcast days – and using external data, had the showroom play the video that went with that day’s weather and corresponding model. In doing so, we showed customers that whatever the weather, you can always make the most of it in a C-Class.

Lloyds Bank – Social Carousel

A social piece promoting Lloyds Bank’s loans during winter. Without much to go on, we came up with this neat little carousel concept – based on the idea that you can always be sure of the fixed rate, even if you haven’t quite made up your mind about the purchase you’ve borrowed for.

smart – Tactical Social Post

A quick tactical social post, showing that smart’s two models are perfect for Valentine’s Day – whether you spend it with that special someone or go on a double date.

Vodafone Warriors supporter portal and social media content.

When you’re a die-hard Warriors nut, it’s a long time between games. This was the impetus behind the Vodafone One Tribe fan site. Rather than the usual yawn-inducing stats and game tables, we gave fans the chance to fill the void and really get to know their heroes, with genuine behind-the-scenes insights and entertainment. The site featured a plethora of games, galleries, competitions, player-contributed articles, etc. Webisodes were a key component, which starred a new player each month. These were emailed to the fan base, and used to bring viewers back into the site on a regular basis.

It's amazing that such a short time ago, file sizes posed a real hurdle for shareable content. Please excuse the heavy compression on these files – you’ll get the idea though. These were the initial three videos of a long series created.

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