Child Labor Free – UK Launch Campaign

Child Labor Free (CLF) is a charitable organisation striving to end the misery of child labour around the world. Their focus is helping consumer brands ensure their supply chains are ethical and exploitation-free. Our job was to launch CLF in the UK – on a shoestring budget – and gain global exposure. No pressure!

The solution? A creative-led strategy that tapped into London’s vibrant graffiti scene – where notable artworks can generate considerable attention. (Heard of a guy called Banksy?). We teamed up with high-profile artists who created a prominent installation in Shoreditch. The artwork was then used for limited-edition merchandise (T-shirts, etc.) to be retailed by CLF and their partner brands. The campaign successfully drove worldwide awareness through press and social media, while merchandise created a secondary promotional channel and helped self-fund the project.

Short promo video

Spark NZ & Huawei P20 Pro, #ONESHOT promotion.


To drive sales and brand exposure of the Huawei P20 Pro – on a shoe string budget. Huawei was relatively unknown in the New Zealand market and Spark was testing the water in terms of the brand’s sales potential.



The P20 Pro had genuinely impressive photographic capabilities thanks to its three lens 40mgp camera. This made it a real challenger against established mobile and DSLR camera brands. We decided to create a hybrid experiential and social campaign to drive advocacy and social media presence. The #ONESHOT promotion was designed to demonstrate that with P20 Pro’s AI assistance, totally inexperienced users to could take professional quality photos with just one snap. We took to the streets with promo teams, putting P20 Pros into the hands of the public, hoping to wow them with the mobiles photographic capabilities and turn them into Huawei advocates. 


The incentive was to win their very own P20 Pro by snapping a photo. The clincher being, they had just one opportunity to take a great picture. They then posted their photo to their own social media mentioning Spark / Huawei P20 Pro and the hashtag #ONESHOT. Of course we sent a cameraman along to film it. The pro-quality amateur photographs provided content for Spark’s own social media channels promoting the P20 pro, and as assets for POS material.

Vlad Casino experiential at Untold Festival (Romania)

Vlad Casino is one of Unibet's most successful Romanian gaming brands. The brief was to create an experiential space within the grounds of the famous Untold festival in Cluj. However, we didn’t want this to be the usual branded chill-out space. This had to be a place where everything was gamified in line with the Vlad Casino brand spirit – the gaming entertainment had to be non-stop fun, specially considering we were competing with the whole, wider festival entertainment. Additionally, the experience had to be highly social media shareable. All entertainment within the space had the ability to win attendees prizes including the instagram Vlad coffins, a coffin shaped wind-machine cash-grab, a Vlad card-trick magician and a lucky dip ball pit (UV lit at night as a dance area). By day the area was a gaming zone and by night it was a party space with DJs and chances to win with Hiphop Blingo. 

Halifax Oxford St Launch Videos

Halifax was opening a new flagship store on Oxford Street. This was to be ‘a branch with a difference’, and they asked us to create a suite of videos for the launch and opening months. In response, we delivered a series of videos that communicate the bank’s key Travel and Home propositions and capture its bright, fun personality. Suitably un-banklike for Halifax’s new home.

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