Assorted DM

Harrods – Upgrade/Downgrade DM

With the year-end approaching, Harrods wanted to get their Rewards customers to spend to either get promoted to the next tier or hold on to their current tier. So we came up with this DM concept, featuring graphics and copy inspired by the store’s iconic elevators.

Q Card Breathing Space DM

Q Card’s key point of difference is that it offers card holders a longer no-interest period on their spending. To demonstrate this sense of breathing space, we had the piece folded small and adhered to a transparent sheet of plastic. Once flow wrapped, the plastic became virtually invisible and the piece appeared to float airily in the readers' hands. This communication received the highest response rate in Q Card’s history.

Q Card Facebook Game

Vodafone small business DM

Chris and Darryl were Vodafone’s fictitious R&D employees, who fronted the company’s SMB communications. This was yet another one of their harebrained ideas to enhance the lot of small business owners.

Part of RSVP Craft winning campaign.

Heart Foundation Old Money DM

At first glance it may have looked like the Heart Foundation was dishing out money. But on closer inspection, the bill was actually an out-of-circulation 1968 two dollar note. The message was that donations for heart research have cumulative, long-term benefits. Those given back in 1968 are effectively still saving lives in the present. More to the point, donations made today will be saving lives for decades to come – possibly someone you love.

PlaceMakers Know How Card – Benefit Increase DM

When PlaceMakers revamped their Know How Card loyalty programme, they dramatically enhanced cardholder benefits. This high volume, low budget DM was designed to make it clear that the value of the Know How card had increased tenfold.

PlaceMakers Know How Card – Example of tactical eDM/online

Genesis Energy Gas Acquisition DM

Genesis Energy decided they would give away blankets to new customers (go figure!). So we sent out samples of the real thing in our acquisition DM.

Mail Drop and Press.


Twenty Limited VIP Invitation for Swan Lake.

With only 20 invites to produce, this was an opportunity to create something truly bespoke. This monochrome, laser cut masterpiece made such an impression that recipients took them home to show their families. It received a 100% response rate and even ballet haters chose to attend.

Genesis Energy VIP La Traviata Invite

Genesis Energy VIP Invitation for its sponsored event – La Traviata. While still within a limited budget, this piece required a certain level of opulence. To do this, Ben called upon his previous experience in jewelry making, creating the master for a sterling silver broach in the form of a Camellia (a symbol of the central character from the opera). The line on the outside is a quote from the opera in Italian and English. It references the Camellia as a metaphor for the frailty of love.

Purina Range – DM

Supporting POS Posters for Beneful.


Supporting eDM – Elegant Medleys.


Genesis Energy Stakeholders DM

Genesis Energy DM. Communication to stakeholders – politicians, bigwigs, etc. – launching the company’s new corporate positioning.

Night Light Airport display

Vodafone, HP and Microsoft, Business Tech Event  DM

Direct mail piece for Vodafone, HP and Microsoft, inviting business decision-makers to a mobile technology seminar. This communication was so successful that additional seminar dates had to be added to cater for the high response.

Bank of New Zealand Term Deposit DM

Direct mail campaign for Bank of New Zealand. Term Deposit offers are a dime a dozen, but BNZ wanted to see which was the greater motivator – higher returns or Airpoints. We tested these against each other and also against plain letter communication. The money tree pack actually had ‘Money Plant’ seeds (a biennial – Lunaria Biennis), the seedpods of which resemble coins. The aerogramme was a complete tease on the exterior and had the added the impact that comes with nostalgia value.

United States campaign for Les Mills International.

This DM pack targeted health clubs, promoting Les Mills fitness programmes as an effective business solution, during what was a competitive time in the industry. Effies Best of Category Winner.

American Express Foreign Exchange – You pull the strings DM.

The recipient pulls the string on the outside of the envelope, tearing it open and revealing the inner communication.

Magnum Advertising Client Christmas Gift

Corporate Christmas gift. Illustrated in a 1950s style (all illustrations and graphics by Ben Eady) and included a ray gun, space cadet badge, space man candy cigarettes, space cadet T-shirt, and a space cadet instructional flyer.

Fletchers Building Industry Roundtable Conference Invite

DM Invite for Placemakers/Fletchers. Fletchers were hosting a seminar/industry forum for building industry heads. We positioned the event as a business roundtable meeting in which they had been assigned a position. To communicate this point we sent them their own piece of ‘round table’, complete with personalised name plaque. It took four tables, purchased from Trade Me, to create.

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