A selection of some additional pieces I didn't have the heart to leave out.

Sunday Star Times Hot Wheels TV/Radio

TV and radio. When Sunday Star-Times needed to drive their retail sales, we revved up thousands of Hot Wheels cars. The teeny cars made a huge difference, turning a 17% decline into a 29.1% increase over a period of three weeks. Cheap and cheerful, but very effective.

PlaceMakers, being blokey and all, is a supporter of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. They regularly promote prostate health to their trade market. In this instance, we created a series of 3-D A1 posters, leaflets and ambient pieces (coins) for a builders’ trade conference... the offer was a free on-the-spot prostate blood test.

Tux/Foundation for the Blind, Guide Dog Collection Appeal – Press

BNZ Star Deals Campaign, TVC, Online... The website functioned in a similar manner to the TVC – the viewer navigated their way through the site while following the central graphic thread. Animated and interactive graphics jumped into the white space as they browsed. 


Farm Source – Spend your dollars.

Over the years, Fonterra farmers had accrued a lot of loyalty dollars through Farm Source stores. However, their busy lives often meant their Farm Source Dollar wealth sat back of mind or even forgotten in their account. Providing they actually checked their balance, most farmers would be rapt to discover thousands or sometimes tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of credit. This print and POS campaign was designed to keep the message simple – check your balance and you could be pleasantly surprised. 

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Purina Doggie Wonderlnd, Dog owners resource site... 


Magazine ad: Most footy fans are totally one-eyed. So, when the Warriors opened a home ground clubroom, we thought it only right to lay out the dress standards.

Genesis Energy print ad. General community-focused ad promoting the company’s grass-roots involvement. Mt Taranaki has a very identifiable shape which locals would identify in the shape of the switch.

All Blacks MasterCard TVC, Press, POS

All Blacks MasterCard – TVC

CSG Brand Relaunch

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CSG was a major technology player hiding in the shadows of their partner brand, Konica Minolta. It had come time to relaunch and bring the brand into the light through a mix of billboard, press and online. The key proposition for these concepts was simple – CSG is the technology partner to take your business into the future.

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